About us

Setjoo is an online platform that offers a wide variety of services and solutions. Setjoo is a business network platform that aims to provide multiple services that are fast and reliable under one banner.“Setjoo news” is the sub branch of the Setjoo banner. As the name suggests, this portal aims to provide all the latest news, insights and gossips related to anything and everything. Setjoo news focuses mainly on business news, sports news and politics. Paying special attention to the business aspect of the all the industries; Setjoo news is the place to be to find out all the latest scoops and stories about different business.

Our Mission Statement

Setjoo News is not your regular news site. What sets us apart are our special focus on the business aspect of all the industries. Additionally we put special focus and emphasis on sports and business and how political climate and conditions affect these two.

Our critical analysis of sports and businesses and the affecting conditions helps the viewers and readers to make decisions regarding their investments and other attributes. We at Setjoo News believe that our platform should be a one of its kind news portal that should be reliable, trustworthy and up to date with the business world.

We wish to serve you in making your business decisions easier and justifiable. Our panel of expert analysts provides analysis regarding sports and different industries so that you can gain help and insight in to the business world.

Why Trust us?

Setjoo News is unique in its functionality because our news and information make it to the portal only after passing through strict security and reliability checks. Not only is our news authentic and genuine, the analysis and in depth monitoring of every headline; makes our content unique and very fruitful.

What do we offer?

  • We are everywhere. Setjoo News covers mainly politics, sports and business. There is no piece of news related to these fields that we don’t cover and report. We always remain on top of our game and if there is anything that you should know; you will find it on Setjoo News.
  • We provide analysis. Not only is our job related to reporting but we also provide critical analysis of different scenarios. Consider for instance the impact of political climate and law on businesses and industrial growth. We also widely cover sports and bring you all the latest news directly from the field.
  • We also offer advertisement opportunities. If you are a paid subscriber, you will be issued rights to upload content on the web portal. You can also upload advertising content on the news portal and increase your customer base and sales.
  • We are fast and reliable. Setjoo News is always the first web portal to update on all the latest news and scoops. We have our eye on every little detail and if there is something worthy of reporting; you will catch it on Setjoo News.

Setjoo News works towards creating a convenient and accessible business environment for you. We here at Setjoo News are dedicated towards bringing you all the information you need to make your business flourish.

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